Origination, sourcing & diligence

PAM is equipped to source, price and diligence new deal opportunities on behalf of and together with the Investor. This can be provided as a all-comprehensive support – in particular for investors new to the jurisdiction – or selected components of the process, where the Investor requires additional support.

  • Deal Origination & Sourcing
    Up-to-date monitoring of all market-driven processes
    Significant off-market relationships to source smaller niche transactions
    Opportunity to select bilateral transactions for Investor


  • Pricing & Diligence Management
    Desktop analysis and portfolio cash flow modelling
    Line-by-line recovery assumptions and cash flow timing estimations
    Drafting of Investment Case documentation for Investor returns
    On-site diligence using internal / external asset managers & legal
    Coordination and rollup of portfolio diligence
    Property valuations using valuation panel


  • Transaction Structuring
    Negotiation and process coordination with Seller on behalf of Investor
    Markup & inputs to SPA documentation and ancillary (R&W, etc.) docs
    Structuring (Arranger) of securitization program for acquisition (130 vehicle)