Executive Summary

• Phoenix Asset Management (“PAM”) is an Italian (115 registered) asset manager and direct special servicer, focused predominantly on the management of secured and unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios.

• The company is providing pre and post-acquisition support to local and International investors purchasing Italian NPL pools, as well as certain ancillary functions including in-house legal support, single name DPO negotiations, sourcing and new purchases, and specific real-estate linked project financing and debt restructuring transactions.


• PAM currently has €9.5bln of GBV under management (9 different portfolios). Circa €8.5bln is managed internally and €1bln under er master servicing/oversight role of third party external Servicers; PAM has also conducted diligence for NPL acquisitions in excess of €10bln of GBV.

• PAM currently employs permanent staff which directly manage the portfolios - either as full-time employees (dipendenti) or full-time asset managers being enrolled in the legal registry € and has its headquarters in central Rome. Utilising proprietary in-house software, PAM generates consolidating reporting both on asset management directly to the relevant equity investor, and for multiple securitisation vehicles (via the Corporate Servicer) to Bank of Italy. In this context, PAM has successfully undergone diligence and audit processes from both Finint and Zenith, consolidated Master Servicers in the Italian market.