PAM utilizes a proprietary In-house NPL management system, currently undergoing a new release (3.0) which will be available in 2018 and provide significant enhancements to both CRM and data analytics functionalities, as well as further reporting automation.

The system, accessible via the Web, allows among others to produce:
o Instant reports and easy to read adaptable to the needs of the Investor;
o Financial business plan, both aggregated portfolio and detailed for individual loan;
o The system is flexible and can be easily interfaced with other management systems; is also compatible with administrative and accounting systems (representing an excellent tool for management control i.e. budget and control the activities of each loan manager ).

The software is utilized in diligence, underwriting and management phases, and designed to make available to all professionals a series of tools in order to:
o Record all information relating to the single NPL under management: (master data debtors, estate key information (visure), pending legal actions, guarantees, etc.).
o Estimate the value of real-time recovery of mortgage loans and unsecured loans in order to assess the relative recovery flows over time (cash flow);
o Provide support in the administration and management of loans portfolios(schedule, billing movements, etc.);
The system is used to generated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting packages for the various securitization vehicles (and Bankit) requested under each transaction.

Deadlines & Milestones management
The NPL IT System is able to manage and remind manually and automatically deadlines both for the Loan Portfolio Mangers and External Lawyers

Centrale Rischi
From the Portfolio master data, clicking on the "Generate Excel files for Centrale Rischi", it is possible to produce the up-date report (in Excel) for the Centrale Rischi Register, which includes:
· The master data of each debtor
· The master data of the titles (contracts)

External suppliers / partners
The IT System allows both external lawyers than commercial partners (i.e. for the real estate brokers) to manage and up-date the status of the loan and collaterals.
Dedicated accounts and segregate environments has been created in the platform.

The IT platform is user-friendly and any kind of customization may be done also for the needs of the external users, including Investors and Master Servicer.

The NPL IT System automatically up-date the due claims of debtors, in decreasing and increasing on a monthly basis; on the due stock the system automatically up-date the due claim by using the legal interest rate (also preventing usury complaints)