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Phoenix Asset Management (“PAM”) is an Italian 115 registered Special Servicer and Asset Manager, predominantly focused on the management of secured and unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) as well as UTP portfolios. PAM is a workout specialist, focused on complex legal and extrajudicial resolution strategies across problematic portfolios. The Company is providing pre and post-acquisition support to local and International investors purchasing Italian loan portfolios, as well as certain ancillary functions including in-house legal support, Auction Facilitation & Reoco management, single name DPO negotiations, sourcing and new purchases, and specific real-estate linked project financing and debt restructuring transactions.

PAM Assets under Management

PAM currently has €9.5bln of GBV under management (across 11 different portfolios). Circa €8.5bln is managed internally and €1bln under master servicing/oversight role of third party external Servicers; PAM has also conducted diligence for NPL acquisitions in excess of €10bln of GBV.

PAM ready for 2018

2018 objective to deliver sophisticated and structured workout solutions for problematic portfolios (NPLs and UTPs) on behalf of mid-tier banks in need of a specialist partner. Tailored solutions may be based on analysis, management, deleveraging and restructuring of problematic assets on balance sheet, coupled to fresh capital or long-term partnerships where required.

In the context of a continuing ECB spotlight on Italian banks, coupled with progressive legislative and accounting reforms, we believe that banks and investors require a specialist workout proposition tailored to a diverse set of NPL and UTP portfolios. We recognize that solutions may be heterogenous – involving analysis, management, cure, deleveraging, or even additional capital to fuel restructuring plans or complex RE initiatives – in order to unlock the embedded value in the portfolios and, where appropriate in the underlying collateral. (Steve Lennon, Founder & CIO)


assets under management
underlying portfolios managed
Mixed portfolios; secured, unsecured NPL and UTP exposure
Both Judicial & Extra-judicial Resolution Strategies

PAM Key Men Bios

Our Management has extensive experience in the Italian NPL business working with major companies in the sector

PAM in-house IT Platform

In-house NPL IT System which provides a full view for individual debtor

Origination, sourcing & diligence

PAM is equipped to source, price and diligence new deal opportunities on behalf of and together with the Investor.

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